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"The dentists and hygienists have recommended A.S Saliva Orthana and the patients have reported back that it is the best product that they have tried. It did not foam as alternative products have a tendency to do. The lozenges were a favourite for all patients as they were easy to use and fitted into a handbag for convenience."

Rose Cox
Hart Dental Practice


It is important that a saliva substitute should replicate normal saliva as closely as possible. The solution should remain neutral, as an increase in acidity in the mouth is undesirable as this can lead to increased soreness and further increase the risk of tooth damage.

A.S Saliva Orthana is the only natural mucin-based saliva substitute.

A.S Saliva Orthana is uniquely formulated from naturally occuring mucin which is an important component of human saliva. The unique properties of mucin assist accumulation at mucosal surfaces where it provides a physical protective barrier against dessication, tooth decay, infection and also acts as an effective lubricant.

A.S Saliva Orthana is the only saliva substitute that is pH neutral. This is important as any increase in acidity can lead to additional soreness of the mouth and accelerate tooth decay.

A series of clinical trials has proven that A.S Saliva Orthana, formulated using a naturally occuring mucin similar to that found in human saliva, is more effective than chemically formulated saliva replacement products and therefore preferred by users.

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